About the Author

As a kid I was always fascinated with the nutritional facts panel on my cereal boxes.  That interest led me to Brigham Young University where I received a Bachelor of Science (hence the "BS") in Nutritional Science.  This is similar to, but not the same as the Dietetics major.  I will elaborate the difference as people always ask me if I am a dietitian, which I am not.  My major lacked the courses on how to interview and teach patients, food production management, and food science.  My studies focused more on the hard sciences (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and physics).  We shared courses in basic nutrition, biochemistry specific to nutrition, clinical care options specific to nutrition, and the digestion, absorption, and metabolism related to nutrition.  It is true that a Registered Dietitian will have a greater knowledge of all the current recommendations off the top of their head for patients needing diets specifically for their condition/disease (clinical nutrition) than I will.  But from my studies I have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the science behind the recommendations.  I hope to offer you all some solid nutritional knowledge from evidenced-based scholarly articles and scientific reasoning.

As an undergraduate I worked in the lab of a Nutritional Science professor and muscle physiologist.  We studied insulin resistance, its mechanisms of action, and drugs/nutrients that could affect it.  During my two and a half years working there I gained a solid understanding of how good academic/clinical research is conducted, as well as, how to read and critique scholarly articles.

Currently I am a medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona, an allopathic medical school.  I am interested in pathology and emergency medicine. 

I enjoy discussing nutrition with my wife, who is an avid cook and blogger.  She and I enjoy cooking together and experimenting with different ethnic foods.


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